Darro, Spain

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Darro, España

Installation 5.9 MWp built in a record time of four months.

Installation of a solar farm in Darro, Spain

Installation of 5.9 MW Assyce Group executed by, being an example of adaptation to the environment. Here we have used two of our own building patents which have optimised implementation and start-up times.

It was built in a record time of 4 months by a team of only 37 employees, thanks to effective coordination between a logistics base and stock on the ground.

The power installed is equivalent to the average consumption supply to 1,872 Spanish households.

41,300 linear metres of wire were used in the installation.


Production 5.9 MWp
Modules First Solar
Field area 17 Hectares
Construction time 4 months
Emission reduction 5457,31 Tm