Assyce is Engineering

ENGINEERINGAssyce is Engineering

Assyce is engineering

Distinguishing elements of Assyce Ingenieros throughout the company’s history

ASSYCE INGENIEROS (Assyce Engineers) combines the activities of a major engineering firm and a first-class installer. It excels on account of its product profile, which consists of large-scale installations that generate sanitary hot water, heating, air conditioning, swimming pool heating and industrial processes. Committed to ongoing improvement, Assyce Ingenieros has developed a monitoring and control system that substantially improves installation production, both on account of increased overall performance and support for preventive and corrective maintenance.

All of the foregoing has made it possible to create such an ambitious product as the sale of energy, now managing over 1000 m2 in different installations. This product provides added value to production and has the backing of the different public administrations. Although thermal solar energy is the type of installation where Assyce has its greatest turnover, it also stands out in new work areas, such as geothermal and biomass installations. These systems benefit from shorter recouping periods and energy production that is easier to manage. Thus they are distinguished from thermal solar energy, which is conditioned by radiation and the accumulation capacity of the systems. The experience acquired in engineering applied to renewable energies has resulted in joint collaborations in demonstration projects with such outstanding organisations as the Andalusian Energy Agency (AAE) and the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT).

The standardisation and implementation of a quality system throughout the entire production chain has enhanced cost reduction while maintaining a high level of quality.

Some of Assyce projects:

Spa and hotel in Lanjarón, Spain

Thermal solar installation for supplying hot water to a spa and hotel.

Virgen de las Nieves Hospital

A hospital in Granada which has implemented a management model in accordance with the Quality and Efficiency Framework P  [...]