EnergyAssyce and Energy

Solar Photovoltaic energy

The direct transformation of solar radiation into electricity. This transformation takes place in devices known as photovoltaic panels. In photovoltaic panels, solar radiation excites the electrons of a semiconductor medium generating a slight power difference.

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Thermal energy

This consists of using the sun’s energy to generate heat which, in turn, can be used to produce hot water for domestic consumption in the form of sanitary hot water, heating, or the production of mechanical energy and, from it, electrical energy.

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Energy efficient buildings

Energy saving for buildings is the result of the union of physical and architectural concepts through an ideal design, an optimized calculation of the energy needs and the use of appropriate construction solutions. It is possible to design and construct energy efficient buildings able to reach energy savings up to 90%. The limitation of the energy consumption in a building is the success that guarantees a high inside comfort using less energy.  The standard PASSIVHAUS combines all the aspects of a nearly zero energy building.

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