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Spa and hotel in Lanjarón, Spain

Thermal solar installation for supplying hot water to a spa and hotel.


A hotel that is practically energy self-sufficient, through renewable energies and sustainable use of energy resources.

Virgen de las Nieves Hospital

A hospital in Granada which has implemented a management model in accordance with the Quality and Efficiency Framework P  [...]

Covered municipal swimming pool in Baza

SHW and heating of swimming pool.

Darro, Spain

Installation 5.9 MWp built in a record time of four months.

Marchal, Spain

The first installation build by the group

EOLO Project

EOLO is a global project about self-sufficiency energy


Project for the creation of a sustainable city.


Autonomous telecommunications antenna project.

Air-conditioned bus shelters

Design of last-generation bus shelters for different Middle Eastern cities