R+D+IResearch, Development and Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation

The ASSYCE GROUP has an exclusive R+D+I division, responsible for generating knowledge and technology in renewable and conventional energies, and for fine-tuning specific products and services with the group’s seal of quality.

To date, R+D+I activities have focused on new thermal solar energy products with greater energy efficiency, control solutions to ensure better-performance photovoltaic installations, and research into renewable energy storage systems.

Joint endeavours with different research centres such as the CIEMAT, the Andalusian Energy Agency and Spanish universities, such as the University of Granada or the Polytechnic University of Madrid, as well as research ventures with higher education centres abroad, such as the College of Nyíregyháza in Hungary and the Catholic University of Chile, have led to projects of vast scope and visibility, oriented towards improved social and economic welfare of the different regions.


Some examples

EOLO Project

EOLO is a global project about self-sufficiency energy


Project for the creation of a sustainable city.


Autonomous telecommunications antenna project.

Air-conditioned bus shelters

Design of last-generation bus shelters for different Middle Eastern cities