Virgen de las Nieves Hospital

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Virgen de las Nieves Hospital

A hospital in Granada which has implemented a management model in line with the Quality and Efficiency Framework Plan drafted by the Health Ministry for the Regional Government of Andalusia. This model has meant greater efficiency in terms of cost control and the implementation of renewable energies.

It follows an energy sales model, through which renewable energy coverage is supplied to the client by means of thermal solar energy in a percentage of approximately 30% of real consumption.

This project has been 50% financed by a capital grant by the Andalusian Energy Agency.


Unique characteristics

Installation of large-format sensors: reduces losses and increases overall performance.

Telemanagement of the installation. Ongoing preventive maintenance through monitoring with an alarm system for the basic operation parameters, minimising production losses.

Basic data

Collection surface area 697m2
Generated hot water 40000 L